Booking Procedure

We normally accept bookings with a minimum reservation period of 3 days. However, we will consider alternative arrangements depending on the period and the availability.

  • To confirm your booking, a 30% deposit is required. The balance is payable 8 weeks prior the collection of the boat. If it is less than 8 weeks before your collection date, a payment in full is required. The booking is valid after the deposit has been received.
  • We currently accept credit and debit card payments or bank transfer.
  • may change anytime without a notice. The price of each boat when a booking has been made and it is confirmed by payment is not altered afterwards.

Cancellation of a booking

Should you wish to cancel your booking, you should inform us immediately by telephone and a confirmatory email. The cancellation charges are as follows and includes any boat rental. The cancellation charges are as follows:

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Contract Details

  • The price stated to the contract include: 24% VAT and community tax.
  • Third party insurance includes: Damages caused by 30 Hp boats insurance covers up to 88.000 Euros and for speedboats up to 147.000 Euros. Personal damages: for those hiring 30 HP claims can be made up to 147.000 Euros and for speedboats up to 294.000 Euros. Sea pollution until 88.000 Euros for the speedboats. Insurance does not cover the first 200 Euros.
  • When you collect the boat: Please check the boat has lifejackets, flares, first aid kit, oars, anchor, rope and the engine of the boat is in a good condition. The boat rental company is not responsible for loss of the boat or engine, oars, anchors, etc. The renter is obliged to pay any damage done to the propeller or to the boat. It is not permitted for anyone under 18 years old, or anyone who does not swim to captain the boat. It is not permitted for anyone who does not own the speedboat driving licence to captain the speedboat.
  • It is not permitted to go within the boundaries stated on the map. The boats should not stray more than 500 meters from the Corfu coast and it is illegal to enter Albania waters. The boats must keep a distance more than:
  • 200 meters from the external side of the sea markers for the limits where there maybe swimmers
  • 300 meters from the usual point where there are swimmers in areas with no sea markers
  • within 500 meters from the coast in open sea (where there are not swimmers) it is against the law to exceed the speed of five (5) knots.
  • The captains of the boats must follow the International Regulations in order to avoid any crash into the sea and the boating must be done before sun rising and after sunset with the use of the navigation lights. The captains, who break the law, are subject to paying fines according to PD 381/95 (A214) and according to General Harbour Regulation No 20, which is published in the Greek National Gazette No 444/26499 and can result in criminal proceedings and penalties.
  • For the event of any misuse of the boat, the boat rental company has the right to retrieve the boat and terminate rental. No money will be refunded.

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