Blue Bay Boats are of the higher standards. All you need is to follow the general rules and your day will be fun!


  • Full boat handling tuition
  • Full tank of petrol
  • Statuary saving equipment and first aid kit
  • Third party insurance (by law)
  • A map showing the area of your boat hiring and places of interest in the North East Coast of Corfu
  • General information about driving and mooring a boat
  • Prices are in Euros inclusive of V.A.T.
General Rules - Corfu Kalami Boat Hire

Petrol is not included in the price and is charged on return.

Boat Hire Tuition - Corfu Kalami Boat Hire


Boat hire tuition is given on completion of the contract covering the following:

  • Operation and mooring of the boat
  • Sea rules and regulations
  • Travel distance allowed and water depths
  • Location and correct use of lifesaving equipment
  • Emergency contact points and safety regulations

Boat Delivery

Boats are available in Kalami from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, seven days a week. For boats delivered to other places, the delivery time will be agreed from the boat hire company and the renters.
On the first day of boat hire, the renter’s passport is required for contract purposes. To make your day run smoothly, we would suggest you to bring drinking water, sun screen and clothing for sun protection, mobile phone and camera to record your perfect day.

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Please check the boat has lifejackets, flares, first aid kit, oars, anchor, rope and the engine of the boat is in a good condition. The boat rental company is not responsible for loss of the boat or engine, oars, anchors, etc. The renter will pay any damage done to the propeller or to the boat.

It is not permitted for anyone under 18 years old, or anyone who does not swim to captain the boat.

It is not permitted to go within the boundaries stated on the map.

It is not permitted for anyone who does not own the speedboat driving license to captain the speedboat.

The captain is not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol.

The number of the passengers is not allowed in excess to the respective capacity of the boat.

The captain must give way to the vessels on the right.

The captain must keep distance from the ships or big boats, as to avoid dangerous waves.

The captain must watch out any swimmers or snorkelers.

The boats should not stray more than 500 meters from the Corfu coast and it is illegal to enter Albanian waters.

The boats must keep a distance more than

Boat Distances - Corfu Kalami Boat Hire


from the external side of the sea markers for the limits where there maybe swimmers.


from the usual point where there are swimmers in areas with no sea markers.


from the coast in open sea (where there are not swimmers) it is against the law to exceed the speed of five (5) knots.

For the event of any misuse of the boat, the boat rental company has the right to retrieve the boat and terminate the rental. No money will be refunded.

License needed for boats of more of 30hp.